Market Update: Bitcoin testing back the resistance level again

BTC USDT CHART We can clearly see that Bitcoin tried to break it’s trend resistance line 4 times but unable to break it and also it tries to break it’s trend support line at some level. But finally it broke at 34339 which let it fall down 31000 but somehow it managed to break its support level and we saw a pump in the BTC price and now its trading at 36727. We have to wait for the breakdown of the symmetrical triangle which can be on either side can be on Resistance trend line or can be on support trend line while on the either hand RSI is showing at 56 level which means market is on sideways and also we have to wait for the breakout to happen on either if it breaks support trend line we can see dump in the market and on the other hand if it breaks the resistance level we can see a good buying option and there can be a pump in the market.

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