Market Update: Bank Nifty for June 14.

How to trade in Bank Nifty on June 14 ?

As we can see the downtrend movement of Bank Nifty since June 3 we have seen that Bank Nifty is going down from 35711 levels and it closed at 35055 and we have seen some deeper points which were somewhere around 34676 levels this shows us that 34676 makes a support level for Bank Nifty and now it is trading at above levels so we can see in the chart the formation of a triangle which shows that when the triangle breakout if the trend support lines breakout and Bank Nifty fell to its minor support which is somewhere 34936 than we can go for a shorting position because we can see a fall to its support levels but if we see a gap-up in the morning and it opens at some upper levels than we can wait for a long position.

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