Is Elon Musk Manipulating the price of Bitcoin?

Tesla CEO Elon Musk on June 4 tweeted a meme about a breakup with a hashtag of Bitcoin.

He also posted an emoji of a broken heart. Is he referring that breakup to the investors who invested in Cryptocurrencies. He always tweet about the conditions of cryptocurrencies and after the Investors see some pump or dump in the market. This also sparking speculation that he is no longer interested in the world's largest cryptocurrency. After posting the tweet caused the price of bitcoin to drop more than 7 percent. So here are the prices of some Cryptocurrencies while writing the post. Bitcoin: $37,524 (-0.54%)

Ethereum: $2,774 (+1.45 %)

Binance Coin: $412.84 (+1.72 %)

Tether: $1.00 (-0.04 %)

Cardano: $1.75 (+0.31 percent)

Dogecoin: $0.3841 (-0.61 %) XRP: $0.9825 (-1.32 %)

Polkadot: $25.88 (+2.61 %) So these are some of the prices of Cryptocurrencies as of the market data. #Bitcoin #Cryptocurrency

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