Bank Nifty broke 761 points and fell to 34641.

There is a big price drop in Bank Nifty which is unusual.

Bank Nifty Chart As we can see the Bank Nifty chart in the 5 min time frame we can clearly see a downtrend pattern which is being followed by Bank Nifty.

Starting from 35771 points Bank Nifty started falling from that point and we can see that it followed a downtrend which is on a trend support line.

While seeing the chart we can clearly see that Bank Nifty tries 3 times to give a breakdown at some levels but it keeps on failing this is because of the selling pressure.And also it tries to fall down almost 4 times but it also failed to do that. We can clearly see that the major support of Bank Nifty was somewhere around 34900. It also tried so many times but failed. Today it attempt to give a big fall position in the market and Bank Nifty somehow manages to fall down from its support level this is due to the selling pressure in the market

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